Sony RX100 VI vs Panasonic LX10 - Picking A Compact Travel Camera

  Many people today are looking for a camera that is reliable, easy to use and easy to carry. Well I would put these types into the Point and Shoot category of cameras. Point and Shoot cameras are usually very simple to use and may have a fairly easy to use menu, which is accessible at the lcd display. They can also make a nice camera for someone starting out in the hobby or for a professional photographer.

  Okay what about cost with these types of digital cameras ? Well if you shop around at either or, you will find that prices do vary. Generally the more expensive camera, will have more choices in the menu, better telescoping lens and a higher megapixel amount. I would say if you budget can afford an expensive camera, by all means - go for it.
  My advise is to read all the reviews on the various cameras before purchasing. If you are going with Ebay, remember to check out the sellers ratings. Here is a link to my photography website where you can check out many different kinds of cameras, as well as the point and shoot cameras. Click My Link Here -


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